Melanie Nitsch

Melanie Nitsch
Application Coach & Social Coach

My name is Melanie Nitsch.
I am a 43-year old mother of a 15-year old daughter and a 17-year old son.
Knowing one’s resources is not only important for one’s own well-being.
This also makes it possible for us to approach potential employers in a
more self-confident manner. For almost ten years, I have been working in
outreach work with refugees and families. This results inter alia in
my intercultural competence, as well as experience and a routine sense
of dealing with authorities. I am a certified Educator and Systemic
Integrative Social Therapist. Through a valuable long-time friend,
I learned of the system years ago. Finally, I ventured into the field
to educate myself in this kind of attitude and way of working. Whereby
I realized that I have already lived this fundamentally appreciative,
resource-oriented and curiously inquisitive way of approaching people anyway.
I am very passionate about the systemic way of working.
Now, I am also expanding my method kit into part-time training as a
systemic-integrative consultant. In addition, I may say that I am emphatic,
honest, open-minded, reliable, responsible, flexible, curious, credible and
humorous. I have the courage to challenge myself. “People are stuck in the
ruins of their habits”. I will gladly accompany you in discovering your
courage to leave these ruins.