Merve Atici

Merve Atici

I am happy to be able to strengthen CTE as the first trainee. My area of expertise is administration.
I am originally from the Sauerland – an area defined by forests and reservoirs. For my apprenticeship at CTE Coaching Team Ersoy, I have moved to the Rhein-Ruhr region.
So, a new phase of my life has begun with the goal of successfully completing my training.
After graduating from secondary school, I started my high school diploma with a focus on health and social issues. My high school diploma taught me a lot. I was able to gain a great deal of academic, cultural, moral, and of course social experience. Be it through my annual internship in primary school and in the youth centre or through the school projects and events in which I was actively involved in order to create a healthy school life.

“We can only achieve a common goal with each other, not next to each other and not one after the other.”
Kühn-Görg, Monika