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Coaching Team Ersoy (C T E)

In our professional application coaching we introduce you to the job and training market. We help you identify your personal potential, support you in choosing a career and provide you with everything you need to know for a successful (re) entry: From the right application strategy to the confident performance of job interviews.

Our individual soft skill training appeals primarily to people who are theoretically available to the job market but are currently in a difficult situation. For family, financial or personal problems, dependencies or even z. During pregnancy – our coaches support you in achieving stable living conditions, so you can be consolidated and find mid-term work.

Experienced coaches tailor our module plans flexibly to your personal situation – you will be looked after individually and will emerge stronger from the coaching than before.

C T E founder: Muharrem Ersoy

The biography of C T E founder Muharrem Ersoy suggests an exciting life. The journey from rags to a successful entrepreneur happened to him quite late.

He was born in 1971 in the Turkish city of Adapazarı, near Istanbul. His parents first came to Germany alone to build an existence here, the children staying for a long time with the grandparents in Turkey.

After graduating from the Elsa-Brandström-Gymnasium in Oberhausen, he completed an apprenticeship in Gastronomy, where he completed all career stages by 2003. Then, he became a businessman – in 2013 he graduated as a business economist at the VWA Oberhausen.

Today, Muharrem Ersoy works as an instructor, job coach, lecturer, integration coach and motivational speaker for the education and employment market.

The single father of three sons passionately rides a motorbike, plays basketball and has been involved in social and voluntary work for many years.

Highly qualified and experienced

Coaching Team Ersoy consists exclusively of highly qualified employees, whose competence is promoted through continuous education and training. Most of our coaches have a migration background. They have experienced and mastered linguistic, social, religious and cultural hurdles –

but they also know about the added value and benefits of their migrant background. Be supported energetically and solution oriented by the team! Of course, all conversations are conducted confidentially and with the necessary sensitivity


Sustainability is a principle of action for the use of resources, in which a lasting satisfaction of needs is to be guaranteed by preserving the natural regenerative capacity of the systems involved, especially living beings and ecosystems.

How do we try to do this?

– From the beginning, the founder of CTE (Coaching Team Ersoy) Muharrem Ersoy decided that it wasn’t always necessary to have new PCs and / or furnishings. Even good used ones often fulfil their purpose and thus save resources and thus extend the service life of the materials. No sheet of paper is wasted, incorrectly printed pages or outdated form templates are reused as sticky notes.

Using ecological paper, we had files made for us from waste paper with a view to leading the way as a trendsetter. Even our ballpoint pens are made from waste paper.

Our partner when it comes to PC hardware is AfB, a non-profit GmbH, which is Europe’s largest non-profit IT company. AfB specialises in taking over used business IT, deleting it in a certified manner, processing it and marketing it again. Devices that are no longer marketable are dismantled and professionally recycled. This protects the environment and saves valuable resources. AfB stands for “work for people with disabilities”. All steps of the process are barrier-free, because at AfB people with and without disabilities work hand in hand.

Our IT department is constantly trying to find and implement new intelligent solutions to save resources and optimise processes in the future.

Our mission statements

C T E stands for demand – and customer-oriented services and guarantees quality in qualification.

To be able to offer consistently good services independently of the executing persons, we commit ourselves to the following principles. The sustainable aspiration of our participants today and tomorrow is the endeavour of C T E. Our goal is to be the ideal partner in our continuing education areas both for employers and their employees and future employees.


We only employ well-qualified personnel in activation, placement and qualification, as well as administration. The staff is regularly qualified. Our courses demand a lot from the participants. Our lecturers therefore support the best possible and promote the fun of learning. At C T E, it is therefore self-evident that all our lecturers have already worked successfully as managers in companies. Only in this way can they guarantee long-term added value for the knowledge they have transferred and the associated practical know-how for the course participants from their extensive practical and application-related expertise.

Spatial and neuter equipment

The office and qualification rooms correspond in type and equipment to adult pedagogical and professional criteria and are adapted to the target groups.

Activation and qualification offers

Potential seminar participants receive clear statements from us about the required entrance qualification or learning prerequisites. You will be advised by us in order to enable a participant-oriented and appropriate learning. When offering continuing vocational training, current labour market and vocational qualification requirements are taken into account and practical orientation guaranteed. The teaching and learning material corresponds to the didactic requirements and standards. The events are geared to a variety of methods.


Our project / seminar offers transparency in terms of: objectives, eligibility requirements, conditions of participation, degree, duration, location, price, number of lessons, methods used and terms and conditions. In addition, the exchange and networking among our participants are important to us at C T E. We understand the importance of partnership between teachers and learners.

Therefore, we specifically promote the active exchange of knowledge and information as well as the mutual assistance of the participants amongst each other. These conversations and support not only round off the expertise provided in the courses, but also incorporate the aspirations and needs of employers. Nothing is more important than making our graduates fit for the markets and businesses of tomorrow.

That is why our training and further education programs are based on experience, incorporate methods and trends, also from the field, and turn into success- and action-oriented and practice-oriented learning. Our claim is that as C T E we are just as reliable a partner for already working people as we are for newcomers, lateral and returnees.

In addition, at C T E, we offer you the opportunity to train your employees specifically for their departmental areas of responsibility. With the high professional competence of our lecturers, we are happy to provide companies for projects and organisational consultancy.

C T E – We and our instructors represent long-term, high-quality practical knowledge leading to more professional success for each individual and the companies in which they are involved.

We will provide meaningful proof of attendance that includes at least the name of the organisation, the name and destination of the event, and the content and time period.

Meet the Team ….
Our team consists of strong employees and partners

What we all have in common is that we do not see our work as a job, but rather as a vocation and service for the good of our society. Both founder Muharrem Ersoy and his colleagues are passionate coaches, trainers and consultants with experience and expertise in adult education and counselling.

Tasks: You want to support our team and can identify with our goals?
Then we should definitely talk …
Mail: bewerbung@c-t-e.nrw

Muharrem Ersoy

Muharrem Ersoy

Company founder

Yunus-Emre Ersoy

Yunus-Emre Ersoy


Handan Öztürk

Handan Öztürk

Administrative Assistant / Language Mediator in Turkish

Maximilian Schöpe

Maximilian Schöpe

Psychologist, Application Coach & Social Coach

Pinar Çakmak

Pinar Çakmak

Nutritionist Specialist Dietschule Gießen Training as a certified dietitian

Ibrahim Rahme

Ibrahim Rahme

Social Coach / Language Mediator in Arabic, English, French

Stefan Blum

Stefan Blum

Life Coach, Teacher and Trainer

Vjosa Elshani

Vjosa Elshani

Job-Trainee as businesswoman for office management / language mediator in Albanian and Turkish

Gennadi Jakobsohn

Gennadi Jakobsohn

Social & application coach / Language Mediator in Ukrainian, English, Russian, Spanish