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Activation and placement voucher (AVGS) Video

Support programs for professional development and development

Support programs aim to increase the participation of employees in training. Depending on the program, grants, scholarships or credits can be applied for individually or through the company. In North Rhine-Westphalia there is the Bildungsscheck NRW. In North Rhine-Westphalia, in addition to advising councils, there is a comprehensive offer to take advantage of career development advice.

Anyone who has questions about the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad can contact a network of counselling centres. Employees can apply for educational leave once a year in twelve of the sixteen German federal states. We will inform you about the regulations in North Rhine-Westphalia.

For employees, the following applies: The cost of continuing education can be stated in the tax return. More can be found in the section “Further funding opportunities”. The most important funding programs for continuing vocational training and development as well as information on the costs that you can claim in the tax return have been summarized in an overview (PDF).

Employers / subsidies according to SGB II and SGB III

Information on the conditions for the payment of grants and benefits in the context of continuing vocational training can be obtained from the Employment Agency located closest to your company. Please keep in mind that the grants must be requested before the start of the action! Further information can be found at

Activation and Switching Voucher (AVGS)

With the Activation and Training Voucher (AVGS), the public sector promotes the occupational integration of the unemployed (information from the Employment Agency on measures for activation and occupational integration). You can find out more about your funding opportunities from your placement and consulting specialist at the Agentur für Arbeit or the Jobcenter.

Educational voucher / promotion of vocational training

Under certain conditions you can receive an education voucher. If you integrate it with an educational institution, you can take part in a further education program free of charge. Whether you meet the requirements to qualify for an education voucher is determined by the local employment agency. We are happy to advise you! Further information can be found at


The Federal Government wishes to support the willingness of its citizens to make provisions for a successful employment biography through private investments in continuing vocational training. For this purpose, an “education bonus” has been introduced. A cost subsidy of up to 500,00 Euro is possible. Detailed information on the education bonus can be found at

Rise BAföG

Since 1st August 2016, the updated Advancement Training Promotion Act (AFBG) has been in force, offering more attractive conditions for those who are willing to learn and thus giving even more people access to it. Anyone who would like to work extra-occupationally or full-time to develop new career opportunities can do so now with more support and less bureaucracy. For example, the grant application can be made directly online. The new promotion BAföG is more attractive and, in particular, more family-friendly. Further information is available at

WeGebAU (continuing education of low-skilled and older employees in companies)

Through the WeGebAU program, the Federal Employment Agency offers financial support in particular to older employees and younger employees without a vocational qualification to take up a qualifying continuing education program, so that people are better able to cope with rising professional demands. The employer receives a subsidy for the period during which the employee qualifies in the WeGebAU program.

Berufsförderungswerk of the Bundeswehr

Time soldiers are promoted according to the Soldiers Act by the Berufsförderungsdienst (BFD) of the Bundeswehr. Depending on the legal claim, soldiers are available for external training and further education during or after their service. These include u.a. Vocational orientation seminars, language and computer courses, (vocational) school qualifications, advanced training and much more.

Apply for a coupon

Print out the flyer for job application coaching or individual soft skill training and present it to your case manager. If you do not have a printer, you can also make a note of the necessary information (for example, “Application Coaching, Coaching Team Ersoy”).

If you are eligible, your case manager will issue you a referral coupon. Bring this to us, we will discuss everything, set up a contract and settle the fees directly with the Employment Agency.

You do not have to pay in advance and do not have to fill in complicated application forms!

Participation in coaching (courses)

If you are interested in our application coaching or our individual soft skill training, the process is very simple. Below you will find the individual steps explained and summarised/Below you will find a summary and explanation of the individual steps.

Who can receive support/Who is eligible for support?

The Employment Agency awards placement vouchers and covers the costs of coaching. Among others, people seeking education, jobseekers threatened by unemployment and the unemployed are eligible for support. If you are unsure, ask your Employment Agency case manager or contact us.

Further Questions?

Do you still have questions about our coaching or the process of awarding a placement voucher? Then give us a call/Then feel free to contact us by phone. We are happy to help.